A viewing so many splendid sunset images and being amazed by their rich colors and textures, I started my own sunset photography this summer.

As I’m not a professional photographer, there isn’t much time for me to prepare before heading out to shoot. After a busy work day, I grab my backpack and tripod to find a place that I decide on perhaps only 10 minutes before going out. In order to capture the sunset, I purchased a HiTech Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter set from eBay. These filters created a lot of opportunities for sunset photography. Sometimes I put two filters in front of the lens, to darken the brightness of the sky without losing the details of the ground.

I am working hard to make my photos look more professional, pursuing the concept of each photo, composition techniques, skills of adapting the natural light, balance of the color and contrast. I like to share my photos on the internet; people’s constructive feedback becomes part of my learning cycle. I also enjoy the process of photography and this is the source of the motivation. Photography has already become part of my everyday life.

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