In June 2010 my travels returned me to Page, Arizona for the second time in as many years.  The previous year I had toured at a friend’s suggestion the Upper Antelope Canyon.  It was very interesting, but was a guided tour and left me a little frustrated as I was unable to take pictures of the famous slot canyon as too many other tourists were inside and didn’t realize that you shouldn’t use a flash for such photography. On my second time through, still wanting to try my hand at this iconic location, I ventured further down the road to Lower Antelope Canyon.

My intent was to focus on more specific areas of the sculpted sandstone walls.  I wanted to create a series of four photos which I could frame and use as a series on my wall, so when I was invited to submit a series to Let’s Be Wild, I knew I had just the thing as I had similar intents of creation when I ventured into the cool shade of the narrow slot canyon two years ago.







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  1. Brian Wolf, Exvana Community Manager

    Great photos of some great hiking areas. Thanks

  2. John Owen

    Wow! There is a balance between looking at the pictures and seeing the wonder of the rock and its life, and the framework and angle of the photography. Brilliant work Daniel!

  3. Fabrício

    Very beautiful these photos Daniel were the most beautiful I’ve seen the Antelope Canyon. I would make a frame with these photos, how do I contact you?

  4. Antelope Canyon Photography

    Great pics! The monochromatic colour of the Slot Canyons gave the needed emphasis for the ray of light to be a strong focal point for this fine art shot. The dramatic blend of proper lighting and subdued colours made this image a dramatic one.


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