At 62 years of age, many people are considering their retirement options and spending more and more time relaxing on the couch. Pascal Beaury, the mayor of his small town in the south of France, Saint-Julien-du-Tournel, is not one of these people. At 62, Pascal is in better shape than ever, and regarded as one of the greatest ultra & trail runners in the world.

He received the honorable nickname White Sherpa from Padam Ghale, a legendary Nepali guide and race director of the first three Annapurna Mandala Trail Races and the Himal Race 2002 who recognized Pascal Beaury’s uncanny ability to run above 5,000 meters.

White Sherpa – Picture of a Free Ultra-Trailer captures the beauty of movement as Pascal Beaury as he runs across the landscape of Mont Lozère near his hometown.

Produced by Ahstudio Filmmakers, a team consisting of Antonin Michaud Soret, Tomas Schira, and Robin Cnockaert, this beautiful short film is artfully shot and edited. In a genre that’s become dominated by films that chronicle runner’s attempts at record setting, it’s refreshing to see such a gorgeous film celebrating the simple act of running itself.

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