In the summer of 2011, Outdoor Research alpinist Kyle Dempster headed to the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Armed with a bike, some maps, plenty of climbing gear, and a very limited Kyrgz vocabulary, Kyle spent the next two months pedaling and pushing his bike for more than 1200 km along neglected roads, through raging rivers and corrupt military checkpoints. Along the way he scrambled upwards, soloing unclimbed routes — alone, with only a video camera to keep him company.
Kyle’s footage made its way to filmmakers Fitz Cahall and Austin Siadak of Duct Tape then Beer who were tasked with splicing together a four minute long climbing film. Clearly, they saw more potential in the footage and turned it into this 25 minute long film — The Road From Karakol, which went on to take the Best in Fest award at its debut at the 5Point Film Festival.

There are a few kinds of adventure in this world — the kind you can sign up for that include a guide and pre-scheduled itinerary…and this kind — the raw, unscripted adventure where one crazy dude heads to the absolute end of the Earth with only a vague notion of where the journey will lead. This is our kind of adventure, and hands down the best outdoor adventure film we’ve seen this year.

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