For those in search of adventure, Greenland should be at the top of the list. Despite being the world’s largest island, it’s also the least densely populated country on Earth. While it may not be green (over 3/4 of Greenland is covered by the only contemporary ice sheet outside of Antarctica), adventure opportunities and absolutely stunning scenery abounds! Produced by MMPFilms, you can learn more about the making of this great short video at 99%Backcountry.

Destination Arctic Circle in Greenland is Rough. Real. Remote, and in August 2012 three friends, Petr, Arne and Natasha, took an epic adventure trip through the region.

They biked the ice cap, fly fished in rivers full of arctic char, stayed in a small village, learnt about street life in the city, kayaked the long fjords, and even ate seal.

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