From photographer Ole Salomonsen comes this breathtaking time lapse film that showcases the otherworldly beauty of the Northern Lights as they dance in the cold skies over Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

In the film I have tried to show the slower majestic dancing lights, as well as the more faster, dramatic and abstract shows, and finally the auroras in combination with city lights and urban elements.

Ole Salomonsen demonstrates his mastery of time lapse photography in this short film, capturing the magical light of the aurora as it interacts with other elements like fog, clouds, and the city lights of Tromsø, Norway.

While we’ve all gotten used to hearing some of the same music used in time lapse films over and over, it’s refreshing to hear an entirely new soundtrack here by composer Peter Nanasi. If this stunning film doesn’t inspire you to go and witness the Aurora Borealis for yourself, nothing will!



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