Just when we think we’ve watched every breathtaking time lapse film in existence, someone has to come along and make another one to keep our wanderlust burning. This time, it’s Luke Humphrey behind the camera, blowing us away with his stunning two minute long film shot from the 11k and 14k camps on Denali’s West Buttress route.

North America’s highest peak, Denali rises into the Alaskan sky, and with a summit elevation of 20,237 feet it dominates the surrounding landscape. For climbers attempting Denali’s summit, the West Buttress route is the most commonly used with most expeditions taking place from early May through early July. With 13,500 feet of altitude gain over 15.5 miles of climbing, it can take more than two weeks to summit the mountain — and despite being a popular route many still fail, driven back by inclement weather, altitude sickness, and injury.

In Luke Humphrey‘s video, the freezing winds sweeping around Denali push the clouds in a mesmerizing dance over and around the snow-blanketed topography. Cold as it may be, this looks like heaven to adventure lovers!

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