The “Banana Pancake Trail” is a term given to the well-trodden backpacker route within South East Asia. I decided to travel this region after meeting so many backpackers who had done so, while in Australia. Yet, as I began doing more research and talking to more people who had been, I learned that many also criticized the lack of cultural authenticity in this part of the world, due to the rising number of tourists. I recall reading an article which stated that every South East Asia backpacker comes home with the same stories, as it’s now impossible to get off the beaten track.

I disagree. At times I found myself off the beaten track without even trying. The people I met, random events, spontaneous decisions, and most importantly, my mentality, all contributed to this. I learned that if you occasionally take risks and keep an open mind, unique opportunities present themselves. I do feel that I experienced the tourist stops, as well as “real life”, in each of the countries that I visited.

“A Banana Pancake Trail” was shot on the Canon Rebel T2i (or 550D). Throughout my 5 month trip, I shot short clips of footage here and there, not really knowing what they would all amalgamate to. This is the result!

3 Responses

  1. Eric

    Great video Jessica, I spent part of my gap year there and it was a blast

  2. Andrea

    What a lovely video and post! I’ve yet to visit that part of the world but it looks so wild and culturally amazing! Inspiration for my Monday morning, thank you!

  3. Tony

    Jessica, I loved your video. The range of images and experiences, the soundtrack, the warmth and heart of your observations were beautiful. As an Australian, I also like the fact you studied out here for a while!
    I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing about your next project.
    A wonderful film! Thanks for sharing it with us. Tony


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