Nick Zantop, Editor in Chief

Nick spent the early years of his childhood on an island in the Bahamas, where fish and birds and vast stretches of sandy beaches are (or, at least were) more common than humans. A former wildlife handler and science educator, Nick has a passion for adventure, whether it’s snorkeling with sharks off the coast of South Florida, backcountry camping in the deserts of New Mexico, or foraging for plants and mushrooms in the forests of Northern California. More recently, he spends an ever increasing amount of time making sure the virtual wheels of don’t fall off.

Ashley Ramos, Assistant Editor

A South Florida native, Ashley Ramos is an avid nature lover and backpacker who fills her free time with road trips, snorkeling adventures, and camping trips through Florida’s mosquito and alligator filled backcountry.





Karl Johnston, Canadian Features Editor

Known as the “King of the Aurora,” Karl Johnston has distinguished himself as one of the world’s top photographers of the Auora Borealis, the Northern Lights. His photographs are magical pieces of art that capture the phenomenal beauty of Canada’s night sky. What you don’t see in his photos is the absolute misery he goes through to capture them, as he trudges through deep snow in sub-zero temperatures, dodging bears and hockey players. Such is life in Canada’s far north.

Alain Denis, Contributing Editor

World-traveler and adventure-photographer extraordinaire, Alain Denis goes to the places the rest of us talk about going. How many of us have ridden a motorcycle 90,000km from Canada to the tip of South America? Even Che Guevara didn’t make it that far, and he got a movie made about his trip. That would be enough to fill anyone’s lifetime adventure quota, but Alain is constantly pushing the limits, scaling mountains and shooting incredible photos around the world.

Becx Whitefield, Contributing Editor

Becx Whitefield owns and runs TripAfrica, a boutique travel company based in the UK. As you have no doubt already read one of her tales of adventure, you’ve likely come to your own realization that she’s not your typical desk worker. Although she’s worked in the Africa tourism industry for nearly ten years, she has degrees in animal behavior and ecology and has lived in Australia, Malaysia, and in South Central Africa for six years.

Natalia Robba, Contributing Editor

A web developer from Gibraltar, Natalia Robba is crazy about photography and the Aurora Borealis. Specializing in landscape and Northern Lights photography, she loves to travel the world in search of natural beauty, often in the colder northern regions where snow peaked mountains and the dancing Aurora in the night skies make for perfect subjects.

Katie Paulson, Contributing Editor

Katie Paulson is a Master’s student at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she loves to delve into the hidden corners of her homeland for frequent adventures. As a geologist, she has spent time traveling around the western US and central Asia. When she’s not being an academic gofer, Katie climbs, skis, hikes, and blogs.