In the Twilight with Alpine Ibexes

After my first encounter with a male alpine ibex crowned with a pair of magnificent horns at Lac Blanc back in the Summer of 2007, I fell in love with this place. Lac Blanc, located at 2352 meters altitude in t... - Adventure Travel: The Ghost Town of Orla, Texas - Nick Zantop

Adventure Travel: Ghosts of West Texas

If you're driving through the arid landscape of West Texas along Highway 285, heading toward New Mexico, the hot, dry air of the desert might put you into a driving-trance, one of those peculiar times when ...
Adventure Travel Photography - - The Luck of a Nature Photographer: photographing the lilac breasted roller in Africa - by Jeffrey Wu

The Luck of a Nature Photographer

For a nature or a wildlife photographer, luck has always played an important role. Back in the days before digital when we shot film or slides, you may have hiked to a location with your camera hooked with a wi...
"Follow Your Dreams" by Karl Johnston

Magic in the Skies

For those that live outside the North and who have never been up here before - yes we have roads. Some. Sometimes. Traveling by road in the North is not uncommon - especially in the North & South Slave re...