Photograph by Albert Gould

I recently moved to the Denver area and have making trips to Glenwood Springs on the weekend for a few months now. The drive along I-70 is simply amazing. Perhaps it seems even more so because I come from the coast and everything is new to me.

Last weekend was the first time I had gone over the pass while storms were in the area, and what a difference it made. That’s the amazing thing about the I-70 corridor, every time you go through the mountains, they show you another side of themselves.

Unfortunately, until I settle in here I am stuck with a Sony Cybershot but with a bit of tweaking this didn’t come out bad…… Soon Nikon, soon.

At 10,662 feet, Vail Pass is a high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains. Named for highway engineer Charles Vail, the pass is located on the boundary between Summit and Eagle counties, and climbs and descends at a steep grade of 7% to 8%


Camera: Sony Cybershot DSCW90

Settings: ISO 125, f/8, 1/125th

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