Voodoo by Hoodoos at Sunset, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Photograph by Shivakumar Shankar


Every Thanksgiving we try to visit the beautiful American Southwest. It is a unique combination of arid conditions and cold and snowy weather. The only worry was that while beautiful scenery plays out in front of our eyes nearly every single moment throughout the day, finding food was a major challenge. We satisfied ourselves by enjoying a visual treat and making do with whatever we could manage. 

We lucked out with Bryce, since it snowed the day before, thus presenting us with very cold but very beautiful conditions. The gorgeous combination of red rocks and clean white snow was a treat beyond imagination and for this experience, it remains one of our most favorite National Parks. After the wonderful day, towards the fag end we were presented with this array or colors at the sunset point in Bryce and the clouds also decided to get in the act and present this wonderful scene. We went back to our room cold and hungry but visually on an incredible high!

Bryce is fantastic year round, but I highly encourage all to check it out during winter. Red rocks at high elevation with snow! Needless to say the Hoodoos were enchanting.





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