A Previous Engagement, Djuma Game Preserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Photograph by Katherine Zalan

A White Rhinoceros marches steadily onward in Djuma Game Preserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa. Capturing a fleeting moment like this one through the camera lens is often more a product of luck than anything else. As we approached the rhinoceros making its resolute way across the field, I hastily positioned my point-and-shoot, practically planted my index finger on the shutter button, and was delighted when this image showed up. A flurry of camera clicks peppered my ears while our guide shared his knowledge of this magnificent species. Despite the tendency for White Rhinoceroses to stay in groups, this one was a solitary wanderer, off to somewhere important it would seem. Perhaps the local watering hole?

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  1. wildlife lover

    What a great shot – you really got lucky seeing a rhino in the wild. I only hope my grandkids will be able to go to Africa one day and see some still.


  2. Carson Hammond

    I’ve always wanted to see a rhino in the wild! It’s a shame people still hunt these magnificent animals


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