Adventure Travel Photo of the Day - - Wembury Bay, Devon, UK - Phil Hemsley

Aeon Flux, Wembury Bay, Devon, United Kingdom

Photograph by Phil Hemsley


”…Onward and sublime
Will ever glide
The silent stream of Time,
That bears us on its tide…”

— From the poem called “The Stream of Time” by Harvey Rice (1800–1891)

Post-sunset afterglow at Wembury Bay – looking towards the island known as the Mewstone – in the South Hams area of Devon, UK.

The foreshore shows sections of Lower Devonian rocks – mainly red mudstones, now metamorphosed to slate, siltstones and sandstones which experienced Variscan deformation during the Permo-Triassic age.

It is thought that they were originally laid down in mudflats and floodplains associated with lakes. Some fossil fish remains have been found here and there may have been an occasional connection between these lakes and the nearby sea.

Pentax K- X

Pentax 18-55mm SMC/ DAL lens (at 18mm)

Hoya circular polarizer

Bilora Stabilo 1115 tripod

HDR from 2 sets of ‘rotational-panned’ manually focused RAW exposures (each manually bracketed at 4s, 1second and ¼ sec) at f/ 8 – in ‘landscape format’ ISO-200

Each HDR created in Photomatix Pro 3.26

The two HDR sections were then merged using Microsoft Research ICE panoramic software and finished in Adobe Photoshop 6.0

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