Forked Tree, North Peninsula State Park, Volusia County, Florida, United States

Photograph by Joey Culver

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The Coastal Strand Trail is a 2 mile loop trail in Volusia County, Florida winding through a shady coastal forest of scrub oaks and saw palmetto. Coastal Strand protects inland communities from severe effects of storms. The Coastal Strand is probably the most rapidly disappearing community in Florida.

This photo was taken using a Mamiya 645 Pro TL using an 80 mm lens #25 Red Filter, F22 @15. Film used was Ilford HP5 @ 200. It is printed on Ilford MGWT FB. It was Lith printed for 10 minutes. Bleached back about 90% and then redeveloped in Lith for 17 minutes. Thereafter it was Selenium toned for 7.30 minutes.


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