Merit in the Mountains, Western Bhutan near Mount Jomolhari

Photograph by Annie Kramer

While venturing around western Bhutan last fall, we observed strings of fluttering prayer flags adorning the highest mountain passes–radiant strands against the beige landscape and perpetually gray skies and purveyors of good will and compassion to the mighty wind. We can thus interpret these prayer flags as a low-impact vehicle for tying our humanity to nature’s greatest elements: blue for sky; white for air; red for fire; green for water; and yellow for Earth.

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  1. Nick

    What a gorgeous shot – Bhutan is very high on my list of must see places and I’m incredibly envious. This photo really captures the essence of what makes Bhutan such an appealing and magical place.

  2. Annie

    It was quite an experience gaining this mountain pass at approximately 15,000 feet–actually the last along our ~85 mile trek near Mount Jhomolari, a holy mountain the Bhutanese Buddhist tradition. Bhutanese weather is notorious feisty (and muddy), and our time in-country was no exception. The fog clung tightly to our backs as we rested on the high-alpine saddle and hung a fresh strand of fluttering prayer flags, making for the ultimate head-in-the-clouds, feet-on-the-ground experience and for unique photography conditions.


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