Tamblingan Lake, District of Banjar, Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia

Photograph by Nathalie Stravers

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Tamblingan Lake is a small crater lake at the northwestern edge of Bedugul caldera in Bali, Indonesia. There are at least 31 temples around the 115 hectares of Tamblingan lake, but recently the lake’s water level frequently rise and flooded some houses. I took this picture around 6:15am in the morning –  the best time to capture the beautiful ambience is  at sunrise.


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  1. Iris

    You got a beautiful picture of tamblingan lake!!! I would like to ask you how you reach at the lake? Can reach directly by car or have to trek for a short distance in the forest? This is because I would like to go there to capture the sunrise at the lake but I will be driving there all by myself. So, I am worried about how to reach the lake in early morning. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


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