The prestigious LetsBeWild Adventure Travel Photo of the Day feature provides an opportunity to share your very best outdoor adventure, travel, landscape, and wildlife photos with a huge audience that spans across the globe, with thousands of visitors in over 155 countries.


(Please read & follow these basic guidelines to ensure that your image can be considered)

You may submit as many times and as often as you’d like. The wide full page format of the Photo of the Day feature is best suited for horizontal (landscape oriented) photos and those are generally preferred. While we can’t guarantee that we will publish all images submitted, there is no limit to how many images you may submit and we will keep all submissions on file for possible use at a later date.

Please ensure that all submitted images are at least 1164 pixels wide and saved as high/maximum quality jpeg images. Uploaded images must be under 6mb, so please crop/resize before submitting. As soon as the uploading process finishes, you will be redirected to the successful upload page – if you aren’t redirected, you can send it again or email us to confirm if your shot went through. Photos should not contain any visible watermarks or signatures – all content on is credited to its creator with links to your website and social networks.

All photo submissions must be accompanied with your name and a caption for the image that should be at least a paragraph in length – we love descriptive captions! (If you’d like to write even more than a few paragraphs, please consider contributing a feature story or submitting a photo essay of multiple images)

Before submitting, please read the very simple Photo Submission Terms


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