Peeping Fellow, Kolkata, India

Photograph by Sutapa Karmakar

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I once visited a place which is maintained by forest department in the heart of Kolkata city to create the resemblance of a forest. I spotted this owlet peeping through its home. I had to sit for hours to get a view of this cute spotted owlet. Finally one lucky day, I was able to get exactly what I wanted, a peeping cute fellow.

The Spotted Owlet (Athene brama) is a small species of owl which can be found in tropical Asia. Well adapted to city-life, the Spotted Owlet roosts in the hollows of trees or in rock cavities. While many species of wildlife struggle to adapt to life near humans, the Spotted Owlet actually shows greater breeding success in populated areas, thanks to a higher rodent population which supplies a steady source of food.

While nocturnal, the Spotted Owlet is occasionally seen during the day and when disturbed, they bob their head,  staring at intruders with wide eyes.


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