After Work Ski Touring, Kvaloya Island, Troms, Norway

Photograph by Kjetil Magne Samuelsen

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In the northern part of Norway we’re blessed with changing light conditions throughout the year. Now the days here in Tromso are getting really long and it’s finally possible to get out on a “real” ski tour after working hours. This picture was taken on a Thursday evening at 8.30PM (April 11th). The sun was setting behind the horizon of the Atlantic and my good friend Lars Linaker Berglund was taking advantage of the good snow!


4 Responses

  1. Maria

    That lighting is amazing! The horizon and water glow but the snow wears a softer shade. Fresh powder sent airborne by the skis glistens.

    THAT is what skiing is all about!

  2. Kjetil M. Samuelsen

    Thank you very much for the kind responses, Maria and Niall! Very nice to get positive feedback. It’s good motivation for a hobby photographer 🙂


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