Photograph by Megan Hockin-Bennett

Taken on a hazy morning on the south coast of England the Seven Sisters Country Park is a hidden gem in the UK. The view just appears out of nowhere as you walk up the steep and muddy downs accompanied by cows and sheep and windy rivers. One of the iconic British sights, it really is breathtaking. I enjoyed a warm cup of coffee with my Father and step mother for over an hour looking out on to this incredible sight!

Located near the English Channel, the  Seven Sisters are chalk cliffs which form part of the South Downs in East Sussex. The thick band of chalk which formed the South Downs was deposited approximately 87-84 million years ago beneath a shallow sea which covered much of northwestern Europe. The chalk is composed of microscopic plankton skeletons which sank to the sea-floor. Many fossils have been found within the chalk and bands of flint also occur throughout the formation.

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