Underground World, South Pittsburg Pit, Marion County, Tennessee, United States

Photograph by Chris Higgins

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Just another fun day exploring the awesome world underground! The South Pittsburg Pit is located in Marion County in southeastern Tennessee. With a deep 160 foot entrance pit and over 2,200 feet of surveyed passage, the South Pittsburg Pit has been popular among cavers since it was first explored in 1964 by Chattanooga Grotto members. 

The Southeastern Cave Conservancy, who leased the rights to the cave from 1997 until 2004, purchased the cave and ten acres of overlying land in 2005, forming the South Pittsburg Pit Preserve.


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  1. Chris

    I hate heights. I wonder how caving would make me feel? Does it count as “heights” if you’re going down into the earth? Only one way to find out I suppose! Always an adventure


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