Adventure Travel Photo of the Day - - Light Warriors, Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada - Karl Johnston

Light Warrior, near Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada

Photograph by Karl Johnston


Take a sword to the northern night sky, see the diamonds rain from within it, and the energy of the universe; fly. 

Crane your head back and watch it light up the land, for miles and miles around..

One day the gang and I decided we would go to Jasper. Ten minutes later it was Banff, then Fort Simpson. Wrigley got mentioned a few times. Then halfway down Highway 5 we decided to check out Pine Point, and why not..Fort Resolution, we can see the Great Slave Lake from there.

Ever get a traveler’s itch and just want to go? Doesn’t matter where..who cares, just hit the highway and don’t look back. That’s what it was like for us, and it took us a long time to get where we were going since we spent the whole day shooting. It was very dark by the time we got off of highway 5; we got lost several times trying to find our way around the bends and roads of pine point. I’d like to check it out in the day some time. We found a convoy of RVs and campers on the outskirts. They must’ve been thinking “what the heck?” when they saw a little compact car roll by the legendary ghost town.

A few minutes back on the road and up we went to see Fort Resolution. It was around midnight when we arrived, the Great Slave Lake’s wind blew cold and the moon shone bright. We left shortly thereafter, having no plans of where to go or what to do when we got there; the road was like a chewed juicy fruit gum band. I was afraid if I stayed in any one place too long I’d get stuck. Off on the road we went, stopping here and there and adventuring down random backroads. After a while the northern lights started up, and as I craned my head up to watch I found myself wondering what it would be like to take a sword to the night sky and watch all of those stars, those billions of galaxies filled with suns and planets, what it would be like to watch it all gush out. Like a waterfall of light and energy. Here’s my interpretation of the concept done with Thomas holding a prop, if you’re curious what the face on his shirt means check out his work.

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