Photograph by Tom Charoensinphon


I was at Alaska’s Atigun Pass, where the Dalton Highway crosses the Continental Divide at mile marker 244 shooting the Northern Lights. The temperature was darn cold (-53C) Yes, it was -53C!

I still dont know how I survived a three hour wait to shoot the aurora. After the long wait, the aurora finally danced!

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  1. Felicia

    Gasp! This makes me want to pull an “Into the Wild” just to be in Alaska, but I’d bring a few friends along to share in the experience.

  2. Natalia Robba

    Amazing photo!!! So nice to get so many different colours 🙂 So used to the typical green colours. just amazing clarity and sharpness =) One of the best I’ve seen in a while congrats 😀 Bet it was well worth the wait though haha!

  3. Andrys

    Imagine seeing this without any idea of what causes it. ‘Awe’ for sure and then comes religion 🙂 Great catch and more than worth that wait.

  4. Shatto

    How can I use your photo, particularly the Symphony of Lights,
    to a project I am working on?


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