My Home, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada

Photograph by Thomas Koidhis

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Somewhere along the Slave River, near the Alberta/NT border, there is a small town called Fort Smith. Just through an open field from main street, this is the view you can find. It is the place that I grew up in and is a place that for many has become sort of a safe haven. It is a great place to regroup and clarify, with a colorful history. I’ve spent many mornings and nights, watched hundreds of displays of aurora, followed the sun in its extreme range through the sky throughout the seasons, often right from the spot where this panorama of 7 images was taken. If you ever have the chance to travel here, it may be worth your visit…there is an intangible depth and nostalgia clinging to the air here, something you can’t quite put your finger on. For me, it is home.  

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  1. Jeannie Marie Jewell

    I think you did a fantastic job on this picture! It is awesome! I would love to buy a print!


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