Going to the Free Mountains, Darband, on the way to Shirpala which is one of stations of Tochal Peak, Iran

Photograph by Saleh

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Last winter I attempted to climb this area, but unfortunately I was forced to come back because I nearly got iced and touched with death –  I will never forget the darkness and coldness of those seconds. Anyhow, that was just a first attempt, after two days, I climbed it again, and even climbed to Sang-siyah after that. This is all about last year, when nearly 300 other people went there and stayed in Shirpala’s Shelter at night, and sand a song which I captured and you are welcome to watch it here. This year we have not had as much snow as last year, but the weather has still been cold!

I always enjoyed climber’s characters, they are the best civilized people I’ve found – peaceful, wise, supportive, hopeful and not resting until they reach their goals.

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