Snowblind, Mount Lafayette, White Mountains, New Hampshire, United States

Photograph by Garrett Owen


This photo was taken one mile from the summit of Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My buddy and I were attempting a winter climb of Mt. Lafayette in January and it was a COLD day – hovering around 5 degrees for most of the afternoon.  

Just before we made our final push for the summit, we rested for a moment at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Greenleaf Hut to catch our breath and suit up for the chilly trek to the top. As my friend put on his goggles, I caught a glimpse of the beautiful mountain landscape that is the Franconia Ridge in his reflection. I took off my gloves, made him hold still, and quickly snapped this wintry photo before my finger froze off!

The picture is a great illustration of the gorgeous backdrop that our eyes feasted on all day.


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