The Agricultural Frontier, near Middlesex, Hummingbird Highway, Stann Creek District, Belize

Photograph by Adam Lloyd

flickr  flickr

This is the boundary between the farmland of Middlesex, in Stann Creek District, and the Sittee River Forest Reserve in the distance. It was taken on a very dark and gloomy day – drifting rain, steaming roads, roaring rivers, altogether atmospheric! Beyond lies the protected area network in the Maya Mountains – many, many square miles of rainforest (and, of course, the Mountain Pine Ridge, too – mustn’t forget that!). 

The Maya Mountains are not without their problems – the western and southern areas are heavily infiltrated by illegal loggers and xateros, often crossing the border from Guatemala… In places farms have been established within remote parts of the reserves. A wild area, and a real challenge to manage for a government with limited funds, but a very special and important place.


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