Virgin Rainforest, Meratus Mountains, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Photograph by Hary Muhammad 

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This is a view through the dense virgin rainforest of the Meratus Mountains of South Kalimantan/South Borneo. The semi-nomadic tribe of the Meratus Dayak inhabits the forest, where they make their living as farmers, growing primarily rice. They cultivate rice in swiddens, which are cleared parts of the forest – Swiddens are generally cultivated for a few years before the Dayak allow the forest to regenerate, moving on to a new swidden location and allowing at least 15 years to pass before returning to an old location. 

Large scale deforestation threatens some areas of the Meratus Mountains. Numerous species of exotic flora and fauna live in the Meratus forests including rare orchids and endangered Orangutans. 


3 Responses

  1. Robert Hii

    What a shot!
    Do not forget to include images of forests once they fall under man’s machines.This way, the world can compare and decide which version they prefer

  2. Louis McCarten

    Orangutans do not inhabit the Meratus Mountains (Or even South Kalimantan for that matter). Nonetheless these mountains and the forests that clothe them are now world famous for their rugged, pristine loveliness and deserve to be protected as a conservation area so that visitors and Indonesians alike may enjoy and be inspired by them for generations to come.


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