Tropical Canada, Clark Island, Broken Group Islands, Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada

Photograph by David Barnes


This image was taken on Clark Island during an unseasonably warm day at the beginning of April on the usually wet coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Clark Island in Barkley Sound’s Broken Group Islands is the gem of all west coast kayak camping locations. Set at the fringe of the cluster of islands, Clark is surrounded by shallow sand and crushed shell making for a tropical feel even on the frequent not-so-sunny days. Camping is available on the beach and on a flat grassy area above the log piles that was once a homestead site. Be prepared to find neighbour on the island even if paddling in the off-season.

From a camp on Clark the entire island group is at your day-tripping pleasure. Most locations are within an hour of Clark making it ideal for those wanting to explore. Its location at the edge of the Pacific allows for more adventurous paddlers to slip out into open waters from Coaster Channel or Loundoun Channels. Beware, there may be whales!

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  1. Anita Mac

    That is so awesome! Still waiting for my favourite lake to thaw although with the last 2 days being so beautiful, thing it is ready for me! Kayaking in Gatineau Park – loving it!


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