Photograph by Jack Viere

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This shot was taken with a Canon Rebel T3i at Brassua Lake in between Jackman and Greenville, Maine.

There’s something to be said about chasing the sun for sunset shots. For me, I get a little thrill when the angles and lighting are just perfect. This was not the case in this shot; there was no chase. I arrived at our cabin and just strolled to the water and the next thing I knew, I was scrambling back inside to grab the camera. What is awesome about sunsets most especially is the fact the lighting is constantly changing. While the sun was indeed setting, I was just constantly switching my ISO and camera mode. I didn’t realize that I had captured a blood red sunset until I was looking back through my pictures much later…

The kayak was just icing to the cake.

Ingredients: 1/400, aperture 8.38, f/18, ISO 200


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  1. Curt

    Stunningly beautiful. It made the gray day in western PA a little bit brighter. Thanks.


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