Coastal Secrets, Isla Palenque, Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama

Photograph by Mike Corey

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Photographed on Isla Palenque, a jungle-covered island in Panama’s Pacific Gulf of Chiriqui.

Midway through my rock hiking adventure on Isla Palenque’s Northeast coast, my feet found a stretch of sand leading to a small cave, big enough to stand in but only a couple human wingspans wide.

Within its darkened quiet, I made one of the coolest discoveries of my time on Isla Palenque. See, I’d been selected from a competitive contestant pool to serve as Island Intern. My job: to capture the natural wonders of this island on film and in photos, to show future guests of the Panama resort on Isla Palenque the kind of wild adventures to be found within its ecosystems. So each day I set out on an island exploration, sometimes making a brand-new discovery, as in the case of this little cave.

Once inside, a flutter from above catches my attention and I look up: a multitude of tiny bats suspended from the cave’s ceiling emit soft chirps and squeaks in response my intrusion on their sanctum.

Luckily I’m too awed to cause them any alarm.



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  1. Rachel

    I’m one of the lucky few who has stepped into this cave; it is INCREDIBLE.

    When you round that bit of Isla Palenque’s coastline and come upon this shallow cave tucked into the volcanic rock of the cliffside, you get a sense that anything can happen. And once you walk inside and meet the adorable bats, it feels as if your childlike belief in the possibility of a wild discovery has been rewarded.

    Thanks for sharing this image from your time on Isla Palenque, Mike!


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