Photograph by Alex Sharp

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I took this photo in the archipelago of Svalbard, in the northernmost part of Norway – 400 miles north of mainland Europe, midway between Norway and the North Pole. It was late October and so the days were short and the little light we had was subdued and beautifully soft. We had gone ashore looking for polar bears; we had seen a couple from a distance, but they were soon out of sight and too far from us. As we walked back to the shore to get the zodiac back to our boat, I found myself standing there looking at this deserted hunter’s cabin – you could hear a pin drop. It looked so desolate and lonely, and I guess it was, but it had a ramshackle beauty to it at that caught my imagination. The air was a crisp -27 degrees, not damp, but fresh.

I loved that everything was coloured in shades of blue and grey, very soft colours, no bright colours – even the Noorderlicht in the background seemed a lifetime away from where I stood by this cabin. Alone at the edge of the world was how it felt, but it was also exhilarating and exciting to be so far from home and in the middle of such a pristine and stunning landscape. It was a fabulous adventure.




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