Photograph by Aleksandr Matveev


I’ve been photographing these places for quite some time and now I find it difficult to find a subject for a new picture. On this day I got out of the tent early in the morning to find something interesting. I rowed across the river Volga, waded across a stream and climbed a tall, tree covered hill. Atop the forested hill I saw a small clearing, lit beautifully by the morning sun. I loved the embossed clouds and the way the sun illuminated the yellowed grass in backlight. For a more interesting composition, I chose a small birch tree whose leaves reduced the backlighting from the sun along with two gradient filters that also reduced the brightness of the sky. I took several versions of this panorama, experimenting with a smaller aperture, but I ended up liking this version with an open aperture the most.


Panorama of vertical shots with tripod

CZ Contax Distagon 35/1.4

Aperture f/1.8, ISO 100, 1/2500sec.

+ Lee .9ND G Soft






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