Fly Fishing the Road Prong, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee, United States

Photograph by Trent Sizemore

This was the first visit I made the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to fly fish for native brook trout. After inches of rain in the days leading up to our trip, the small prong that is normally low and clear water was now like a full raging river. These conditions only multiplied the danger of wading through the water and around the giant slippery boulders.

This photograph is only an attempt to recreate the the wild beauty and enormity of the deep reaches of the Smokies.



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  1. Kori

    Amazing! Looking at this picture I can hear the roar of the water and smell the fresh scent of rain! It’s more than captivating, it’s emersive! You have to love when the immortal motion of water is captured and locked into an image for eternity, yet the wild perseverance of the stream can never tamed. The photograph is a lovely enigma, perfectly still but forever in motion.


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