Adventure Travel Photo of the Day - Jade Reflections, east of Ivalo, Finland - Natalia Robba

Jade Reflections, east of Ivalo, Finland

Photograph by Natalia Robba


This photo was taken over Paatsjoki River east of Ivalo, Finland on March 5th 2012. It was a magnificent display lasting approximately 90 minutes. Not the strongest nor the most intense lights, but they striking nonetheless. The setting was beautiful and the full moon lit up the landscape beautifully.

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  1. Danny Morales

    Wow – sometimes it’s easy to forget we live on such an amazing planet, where lights actually dance in the skies at night. Thank you for reminding me

    • Natalia Robba

      Thanks Danny! They really are quite a spectacular gift from mother nature 🙂 One of the reasons I love heading up to these places so much is that I can feel for however short a time that I’m as far away from the world I normally live in, almost like being on another planet 🙂 Such a beautiful part of the world.


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