Photograph by Yuzuru Masuda


This female Nubian Ibex was ready for a morning forage in the town of Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev dessert in Israel. Here in the Ramon Crater, there are many wild Nubian ibexes. Some of them have become very accustomed to human presence and browse the leaves from trees in the house gardens and parks daily.

They climb up the rocky terrain just before the sunrise and spend most of the day in the town. With sunset, they usually return to the crater to spend the night resting on the cliff. They have an incredible agility to manoeuvre themselves on the steep cliffs even from the early age. This is an essential survival skill enabling them to escape from the predators when being attacked. Male’s horns would grow over 100cm in length and they use them to fight over the mating right with other males in Autumn rut season.



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