Arm Balance on Camelback Mountain, Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area, Arizona

Photograph by MaryAD ART


This is me defying gravity while hiking on Camelback Mountain (2,704 ft / 824m) This pose is known as Eka Pada Koundinyasana II. I was hoping for a straight split but my hiking boots sure add some extra weight to my legs! Thanks to my buddy Ryan for helping me trigger the photo.

Camelback Mountain, or Cew S-wegiom in O’odham, is a mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. Camelback Mountain derives its English name from its shape, which somewhat resembles the head and hump of a kneeling camel. A cave discovered on the north side of the mountain indicates that it was used as a sacred site by the prehistoric Hohokam Culture before they abandoned the area in the 14th century.

Two trails ascend 1,280 feet to the summit of Camelback Mountain. The Cholla Trail is 1.4 miles and the Echo Canyon Trail is 1.2 miles – both have steep grades and are considered strenuous.




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