Coronado Sunset Splash, San Diego, California

Photograph by Jack Viere

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I took it for granted that I had family living in the recently acclaimed number one beach in America. Exactly a year before this trip, I found myself in the same place, under the same intimidating California conditions that are impossible not to capture. The pressure seems to always be present since the weather is always nice compared to back home. Anywhere can be great when you’re there in the off-season as I was; New Year’s Eve on the beach on the West Coast isn’t a thing, I guess. But because of the time change (coming from the East Coast)I found myself running to the beach when my family told me the sun was setting. I personally like the silhouetted waves because the other 100 shots without them really are monotonous. Even with the variety of colors that come and go in one sunset, I really liked the reflection in the foreground. This photo is completely untouched except for a slight crop.

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