Adventure Travel Photo of the Day - - Blue Spotted Stingray, Red Sea, Egypt - Matthew Oxley

In the SpotlightRed Sea, Egypt

Photograph by Matthew Oxley

flickr  flickr

A Blue Spotted Stingray (Neotrygon kuhlii), photographed in the Red Sea, Egypt. 

Although generally perceived as numerous in numbers but classed as ‘Data Deficient’ by the IUCN, this species is widely affected by the destruction of coral reefs around the world, especially in the Western Pacific and is the second most significant species from the Shark and Ray family to be fished.

The Blue Spotted Stingray is a bottom feeder, whose diet consists of shrimp, crabs, small mollusks, fish, and marine worms. A relatively small ray, they can grow to about 17 inches wide. The species is caught in great numbers in nets by trawlers, despite being of limited value because of its small size.

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