Blue Lagoon, Rangiroa Atoll, Tuamotus Archipelago, South Pacific

Photograph by Tom Ellyatt

Last year I was lucky enough to crew a yacht across the Caribbean & South Pacific Ocean. The trip took me from St Lucia through the Panama Canal, via Galapagos, Nuku Hiva in The Marquesas Islands, Rangiroa (pictured) in the Tuamotus on to Tahiti.

This picture is one of many favourites from the sailing trip as I sat playing in the shallows of the most idyllic lagoon, surrounded by baby black tip reef sharks, utterly content!

Sailing is a truly fantastic way to travel and provides the opportunity and freedom to visit some unique places such as this, whilst giving time for reflection and thinking that you often don’t find time to do in normal day to day working life; I would encourage anyone and everyone to give it a go.

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  1. Maria

    Great shot and I hadn’t a clue about black tip reef sharks – off to Google more about them. Thnx!


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