Photograph by Megan Hockin-Bennett

Bald Eagle soaring across the Great Bear Rainforest sky. Taken in the height of summer, which also includes a vast amount of rainfall (being a rainforest) camping in these conditions can be challenging to say the least. But every milimeter of rain is worth the sights of this land and the creatures that roam and soar in it!

The Great Bear Rainforest stretches from the Discovery Islands in the south to the British Columbia/Alaska border in the north – covering an area of roughly 27,000 square miles (70,000km2). One of the biggest tracts of unspoiled temperate rainforest remaining in the world, the Great Bear Rainforest is home to many important species such as grizzly bears, salmon, wolves, and cougar.

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  1. Kate

    Can I use this picture to accompany my poem? Can the photographer please contact me.


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