Photograph by Edward A. Boudreau


I heard that the Northern Lights would be active this night and I drove 3 hours from Anchorage to Trapper Creek to get this shot. It was my first attempt at capturing the lights and it was my first experience seeing them.

I chose this location because of the open fields (150 mile open view north and south), concentrating on view of Mount McKinley. This shot was looking Southwest (you can see the Anchorage city lights 200+ miles away) the Aurora stream curved to the East.

The lights exploded all around me, from all directions – North, East, South, and West. I had a hard time setting up the shots as other great possible images appeared above me. (I swear I could actually hear a static tone as they whipped above me) This storm lasted for 6 hours and though I beared the -30 deg weather and equipment freezing, I would go back to do it all over again in a heartbeat. 


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