Norway’s Northern Lights, Bleik, Andenes, Northern Norway

Photograph by Stian Klo

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The beaches of Bleik are most known for incredible colorful sunsets and sunrises during summer season, but it sure is beautiful in early March too. It had been raining heavily for a good week, which resulted in snow melting and creating “artificial” rivers.

Every once in a while you have this feeling that this shot will turn out extraordinary, and this was one of those moments.

I found the ideal spot just as the aurora’s starting dancing in the sky, and as I was lining up the composition I realized that the milky way was visible – JOY!


Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

EXIF: 14mm / f/2.8 / 15 sec / ISO 4000

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