Revealing History, West Offices Site, York, England

Photograph by Duncan Stirk

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Archaeologists Tim Robinson and Kirk Roberts of On Site Archaeology are excavating and recording Romano-British remains at the West Offices site in York. This phase of the project was conducted during the summer of 2011, during which remains of a bath-house of probable 3rd Century AD date was excavated beneath a 19th century railway station. The project revealed and recorded these impressive remains prior to the re-development of a former railway station and hotel into offices for the City of York Council.

Tim is photographing a complete Ebor-ware bowl, one of many recovered during the work, that was found in a bath-house drain. Kirk is excavating a foundation that once held timbers of a Roman building that pre-dated the bath-house. This picture is part of a set of portraits of archaeologists that I have worked with, and looks old-fashioned because I have used black and white print film rather than digital.



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