Alaudin Lake, Fann Mountains, Tajikistan

Photograph by Matvey Orlikov


It was a warm evening and we had stopped for a rest before ascending to the summit of Alaudin (the peak is visible to the right of the photo), walking near the lake at the foot of the mountains. Swimming was left for another day, because the temperature of the glacier water is less than 5 degrees.

The Fann Mountains, located in Tajikistan’s Sughd Province between the Zeravshan Range to the north and the Gissar Range to the south, are part of the Pamir-Alay mountain system. With around 100 peaks in the Fann Mountains, many rise above 5000 meters. The Fanns are perhaps best known for the stunning lakes with incredibly blue water that can be found in among the mountains, including the Alaudin Lakes (the other, smaller lake is just out of sight) in the Chapdara River Valley, pictured here.


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