No one does camouflage quite as good as mother nature! From a distance, this brown water snake blends in perfectly with the dark brown water and branches. This week, head into the great outdoors and see what kind of natural camouflage you can find!

On Wednesday, June 12th (at 2pm EST, so be sure to submit your entries before that time, even at 1:59pm!) we’ll choose 1 judge’s choice winner, 2 honorable mentions, and 1 audience choice winner & share their entries here on, announcing the winners by the following day! Send your friends to this page to leave a comment-vote for your entry to win the audience choice award!

Here are the quick & easy Challenge rules – please read them carefully so that you can be entered in the running to win!

  • To enter the challenge, create a new blog entry titled “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Camouflage” and Copy and Paste the html code in the box below into your blog entry (you’ll need to click the code tab when pasting it into your blog) to let your followers know that you’re participating in the Photo Challenge so that they can join in the fun too.
  • Take one or more photos of something outdoors that fits the challenge theme! Watermarks and signatures are fine, but shouldn’t cover the entire image. Large images are the best kind and while there are no mandatory size requirements, thumbnail sized photos just can’t show off your talent (or the beauty of nature) the way a nice big image like the one you see above can.
  • The Audience Choice Winner will be decided based upon which entry below receives the most comments on this page – tell your friends and family to come and reply with a comment below your entry here on! Everyone can vote for as many entries as they like.
  • Comment on this page with the URL to your blog entry! After 7 days, we will announce the 1st Place Winner, Audience Choice Winner, and 2 Honorable Mention Winners, all of whom will have their winning shots with a link to their blog featured here on
  • Be sure to visit the blogs of other people entering the Weekly Challenge & leave them some comment love too!
  • Both professionals and amateur photographers are welcome to participate, and both stand an equally good chance of winning!

18 Responses

    • PJ

      Good camouflage shots. Once I found the creatures, upon enlarging the photos, I went back to the normal size photo to see why I didn’t see the object in the first place. Nature’s camouflage works very well.

    • janet

      Found them best by moving the laptop screen so I didn’t have a direct view. Great choices!!


    • Marcy Ayanian

      Amazing. I had to enlarge all the photos to see the critters, so perfectly camouflaged in their respective environments. Great shots!

    • Dennis

      great pic, mule deer relies on their hearing and camo to hide from its predators, this pic illustrates this point beautifully


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