Lake Louise: Banff National Park - Barry
Congratulations to Barry who takes the 1st place award with his very beautiful and exceptionally peaceful shot of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada’s Banff National Park. Be sure to check out his winning entry on his blog here!

Theresa Manchester has captured the audience choice award with her photo of Lake Brienz on a foggy day in Iseltwald, Switzerland. With a view fit for a fairytale, this peaceful scene would be a treat to experience in person! Be sure to visit her winning entry here!

It’s never an easy task to pick the honorable mention winners – each week we find ourselves wanting to hand out a dozen or more awards because there are simply so many excellent photographers who participate in the challenges. We do our best to narrow it down, but you should know that the competition is painfully close! Listed below in no particular order are our honorable mention selections!

This tranquil sunrise scene was photographed near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park, ironically at a location called Lake Panic due to the large number of crocodiles and other predators and other dangerous animals that lurk in the vicinity.

Lurking crocs or not, this is one peaceful scene by Dries de Wet. Just don’t dangle your toes in the water! Have a look at his winning entry here!


Mount Mayon - Kristal Lynn
Kristal Lynn’s shot of Mount Mayon, an active volcano in the Philippines shows us that like Dries’ shot of a crocodile infested lake, sometimes dangerous places can appear very peaceful.

Looking at Mt. Mayon, its perfect slope, the vast rice field and the clear skies makes me feel peaceful and calm.

Have a look at her winning entry here!


Winter in Finland: Ritva
From the cold, snowy landscape of Finland, Ritva brings us a beautiful view of a peaceful winter wonderland!

I do not like winter, but it is beautiful now that the snow has arrived to brighten the few hours of light we have here in the north, this scenery is peaceful in spite the fact that it’s freezing.

Be sure to visit her winning entry here!


Rio Jama, Ecuador - Lisa Brunetti
In a scene quite opposite from the previous, Lisa Brunetti has captured a peaceful scene on the Rio Jama in Ecuador as her friend paddles downstream in the calm waters.

The river delivers a never-ending supply of natural prozac! Tranquil rivers and streams have their own healing magic.

Have a look at her photo-filled winning entry here!

Sinking Ship: Citra Rahman

I was sitting on the fort of Inong Balee in Aceh Besar, Indonesia. Watching the boats passing by and the half-drowned boat floated on the ocean. Meanwhile the sun sets slowly and its light began to fade.

When it comes to feeling peaceful, sunsets are tough to beat! Citra Rahman’s shot makes it easy to imagine that we’re sitting there on the beach too, relaxing and enjoying the sunset. Have a look at his winning entry here!

12 Responses

  1. Imelda

    All beautiful entries. The winner had the stamp of ‘winner’ to it from the get go, if I may say so. Congratulations to all.

  2. lisa brunetti

    hey from manta ecuador!
    i left that quiet peaceful scene on rio jama at 7:30 this morning and am now in the port city of manta. how honored and surprised i was to find that the river scene was one of the honorable mention winners! thank you so much! there were many amazing images this week, and it’s always a joy to admire the entries.

    i like the changes you’ve made, including the newsletter. i veered over to the dolphin post before checking the winners!


  3. carol loethen

    I know it must be really hard to decide from all the great entries which ones to pick but I must say you did an excellent job. Some great choices. 🙂

  4. Ritva

    wow, the photos you people take are amazing,
    It is great to be featured with an honorable mention again – it is wonderful, considering the all great entries.

  5. Barry

    Wow ! Thanks so much !! there were so many great shots ! What an interesting series seeing how everybody interprets each theme.

  6. Kristal Lynn

    Wow! Thanks a lot for choosing my entry as one of the runner up. It means a lot to me that you chose my entry amongst the many other beautiful entries. Will be joining more of your photo challenges. Thanks again Let’s Be Wild! 🙂


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