We asked photo bloggers to share their best shots of texture in nature. Texture is everywhere we look, but getting a beautiful photo of it is never easy! Trent Sizemore has won the 1st place award with his stunning shot of the ever-changing texture of moving water. Have a look at his winning entry here!


Julie Dawn Fox has won herelf an audience choice award with her great photo of the texture of a muddy puddle frozen over on a cold morning – it seems to beckon to us to step on it just to hear that wonderful crunching sound underfoot! Have a look at her winning entry here!

It’s never an easy task to pick the honorable mention winners – each week we find ourselves wanting to hand out a dozen or more awards because there are simply so many excellent photographers who participate in the challenges. We do our best to narrow it down, but you should know that the competition is painfully close! Listed below in no particular order are our honorable mention selections!

Laila’s gorgeous shot of the incredibly delicate textures of snow crystals frozen on the bare branches of a small plant really impressed us! Be sure to visit her winning entry here!


Sianakdesa went above and beyond with his entry, capturing nearly two dozen amazing natural textures in Indonesia, all of them beautiful! Be sure to see them all in his entry here!


We really enjoyed Barry’s shot of natural texture photographed at the beach! The smooth rocks and sea foam create a wonderful texture indeed. Be sure to visit his winning entry here!


We loved Ann-Christine’s shot of Punakaiki’s pancake rocks on the west coast on New Zealand! When it comes to breathtaking scenery and – it would seem, texture too, New Zealand is tough to beat! Check out her winning entry here!



We loved Jenn’s shot of the rippled texture of a mudflat dotted with small mangrove roots near Brisbane Bay, Australia. A great natural texture and an amazing habitat for small animals and the birds who hunt them. Be sure to see her winning entry here!


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