Congratulations are in order for Imelda, who won the first place award in the Macro challenge with this amazing shot of dew drops resting on a grass flower! Be sure to visit her winning entry here to see more stunning macro shots!

Sianakdesa is the winner of the audience choice award with his vibrant photographs of beautiful insects! Be sure to visit his winning entry here!

We had some of the best entries we’ve seen yet in the macro challenge, so picking the 5 honorable mention winners was no easy task! We’ve done our best and our choices are listed below in no particular order. We hope everyone will join in this week’s current challenge – Texture in Nature!

Aaron Kirkpatrick returns to the winner’s circle with his gorgeous macro shots! We loved this image of a leaf covered in frost. Be sure to visit his winning entry here!

We got a kick out of Ritva’s caption –

BUGS – I do not like them, but some are quite colorful and beautiful”

Her shot of the food chain in action was great and really showed the power of macro photography to peak into the world of small things like insects! Be sure to visit her winning entry here!

We loved Dellilah’s beautiful macro shot of a vibrant red flower! On a cool winter day it’s always a treat to see the bright colors of flowers. Be sure to visit her winning entry here!

Fungus may not have a very attractive sounding name, but it definitely is a treat for macro photography! Barb Beacham’s shot of the tiny hairs lining this tree fungus show the incredible detail that nature saves for those willing to look a little more closely! Be sure to visit her winning entry here!

Julie Dawn Fox’s macro shot of an iris flower covered with tiny droplets of water was an easy favorite! You can visit her winning entry here!

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  1. DELL

    Imelda dear, Congratulations dear .. it was a winning entry for sure. Mystical in every way!

    Thanks for the honorable mention. Really excited !!!


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